More boys…

October 13, 2011

I spent the weekend with two of my favorite little boys… my nephews! All boys in our family, that is how we roll. =) Of course I had to bring my camera and when looking at the photos today I realized I never blogged my newest nephew, Jasper. (gasp!) He was born in May (in a car, long story.) I can not believe my sister never mentioned to me that I never blogged Jasper since his older brother Jackson has frequented my blog over the last two years. Can anyone say “Hello, neglectful Aunt Chellie?” So here are a few of my favorites of him over the last couple of months. Jasper is a happy baby and probably has one of the most expressive faces I have seen in a young one. As a newborn, he gave the best “stink eye” probably a trait inherited from his father, luckily he is all about super smiles and silly grins now.

Jasper 1 week young…

around 6 weeks 


with his sweet big brother….


and from the other day… love all the smiles



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Chrissy: I love watching him grown and you capturing all the funny smiles and faces...beautiful-thanks!

Carol: Great photo's Michelle. Of course, you had an adorable baby to work with (my unbiased opinion). LOVE his funny little faces <3